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How much will it cost?
In 2013, the Huffington Post reported that a divorce costs on average anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000. Here at M&C, it is our mission to lower the cost of divorce while also promoting family-oriented and collaborative behavior during the divorce process.

At M&C our charge is $4,750 when there are children and $2,750 without children. We have also arranged for discounted fees from attorneys to prepare and present a final decree for court approval. The fees range between $750 and $1,500 depending on the attorney and complexity of your decree. With M&C your total divorce can be less than $6,000!

How will our children be affected?
Parental conflict during a divorce can have significant emotional, developmental and social issues in children. Through M&C, we work together to develop positive attitudes towards one another, cooperative co-parenting behaviors and other parenting skills to help minimize the effect the divorce has on your children.

What will happen to our property?
In a litigated divorce, an unnecessary part of the marital finances gets redirected to unnecessary expenses. With M&C our focus is working together to separate property as efficiently as possible. After all, you and your children will be better off keeping more of your property in the family.  

How can I co-parent with someone I can’t live with?
We can help parents work through their issues and come together for the sake of their families and lives in general. Our mediators will help both of you with guidance, assistance and tools to effectively co-parent your children and deal with the emotions involved with a divorce or separation. However, in a litigated divorce, stress levels and resentment are higher with the expensive cost of hiring a divorce attorney, and this can lead to combative feelings towards each other.

Being great co-parents creates a healthy environment for the children and is the goal of everyone at M&C.
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